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  • Quick-Lok Boxes & Assemblies​

    • Patented S-curved shaped allows 2 brackets interlocked and mounted side by side on same stud
    • Available with single or double sided options
    • Assemblies without flat face bracket can be installed in conjunction with B-Line series stud mounting brackets like the Telescoping bracket BBT-HF
    • Patented field installable cable management & backside support accessories


    • BBT-HF Hands free snap to stud for 1 1/4" through 1 3/8" wide studs
    • BBT-HF Auto-ADA height feature
    • All parts (BBA, BBA-4, and BB-HF) work with 4", 4 11/16", and 5" electrical boxes
    • BBA and BBA-4 work with standard mud rings, adjustable mud rings, and Eaton's Rapid Ring self-adjusting pre-fab ring
    • BBA-4 includes built in backside support extender for stud depths up to 6"


    • Simple push bracket holds itself to stud, leaving hands free to secure with a screw.
    • Two screws shown for stud mounting, but only one required for cULus listing.
    • Designed to mount two boxes at same height on either side of the stud.
    • Built-in back support accessory for job-site flexibility.
    • Bracket accepts 4",  4-11⁄16", and 5" boxes.  USE your 4" mud ring with either size box.
    • Bracket extender easily snaps off bracket to snap into place as a back support for up to 6" stud depths.
    • Marty Mouse ears retain box when plaster ring is removed.
    • Rabbit Ears and mud ring allow data communication devices, such as card readers, to be attached to the bracket without the use of a box.


    • The versatile z-shaped design of the B-Line series conduit trapeze support allows for quicker installation and support of multiple sizes of conduit, MC/AC cable, cable tray and other accessories, such as electrical boxes.

    • The solution installs up to 50% quicker than traditional strut trapeze, and the conduit holes automatically align conduits across the trapeze.

    • Compared to traditional strut trapeze solutions, the B-Line conduit trapeze support solution eliminates the need for conduit clamps at every support location; the result is a part reduction of up to 75%.



    • ​​The FLEXVOLT® 60V MAX* Pipe Threader can thread ½” – 2” black iron pipe, rigid conduit, and more.

    • It comes with a 9.0AH oil-resistant glass-filled nylon battery to protect it from cutting oils used to complete threads and is housed in a latched and sealed battery box.

    • Equipped with the E-Clutch® System, that senses the motion of the tool and shuts down if necessary in bind-up situations.

    • This kit also includes a patent pending pipe clamp with a depth gauge.

    • Compatible with RIDGID® 12R** style die heads.


    • ​​60V MAX* In-Line Stud and Joist Drill is DEWALT's most powerful drill on the market.

    • It is designed to handle a wide range of large drilling applications.

    • 2 variable speed ranges (0-400/ 0-1320 rpm) to match appropriate speed to the application. 

    • In addition to the integral clutch, the DEWALT anti-rotation E-Clutch® System, offers technology capable of detecting the motion of the tool.

    • This feature senses the motion of the tool and shuts it down if necessary.

    • Compatible with DEWALT DRS1800 1" insulated cable staples (sold separately).


    • ​​The DEWALT®20V MAX* Cordless Cable Stapler is built for residential wiring applications, primarily fastening Romex® brand wires and cables.

    • Made in the USA with global materials, this stapler has a proprietary cable guide that helps to drive staples over cable.

    • The compact frame and lightweight design are ideal for tight spaces.

    • A center-mounted LED light helps to eliminate shadows and illuminate the work area in low light conditions.

    • Compatible with DEWALT DRS1800 1" insulated cable staples (sold separately).


    • The Brushless Cable Stripper is a dedicated, powered tool for cleanly and consistently stripping electrical cable without an exposed knife.

    • It quickly strips copper and aluminum cable from 6 AWG to 750 MCM CU and 900 MCM AL.

    • Quick-release bushings and a reference chart are included to cover the range of cable diameters.

    • The Threaded Rod Cutter is capable of quickly and cleanly cutting a range of threaded rod sizes including 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" mild steel coarse thread rods and ¼”and 3/8” stainless steel coarse thread rods.

    • The four sided, rotatable, cutting die allows you to cut the three different sizes of threaded rod with the same tool just by rotating the cutting dies to the size you want to cut.

    • The unit doesn't create chips or sparks while cutting, providing a burr-free cut to easily thread on fasteners without having to clean the threads.

    • The Threaded Rod Cutter increases control by eliminating fast moving cutting blades or wheels which can bind up when cutting or trimming threaded rod.

    • The speed of the tool allows for efficiencies and achieves up to 350 3/8" cuts on one battery charge.


    • ​​In-built disconnect

    • Single point power connection

    • 1 or 3 phase models in selected voltages

    • Manual reset thermal limit switch

    • Automatic fan delay circuit

    • Powder coated 18 gauge grill with extruded aluminum frame

    • Bankers bronze or white

    • Optional thermostat

    • Optional surface mounting frame

    • Optional relay interface for building management systems​


    • ​Safety yellow heater housing with safety screens on both air intake and output openings

    • Optional 25’ long SO type cord, ready for plug attachment is available for each model

    • Long-life finned tubular heating elements

    • Thermostat adjustment 40° to 110° F

    • Two 10” rear wheels and front locking casters

    • ​​High-limit thermal cutout switch with manual reset

    • 2500 CFM

    • Fan only operation feature


    • ​Aluminum blade

    • Spiral wire front and rear guards

    • Wall and ceiling mount options

    • Gray epoxy powder-coated housing

    • Mounts in stationary positions

    • Direct drive motor

    • Adjustable swivel and tilt from 0 -180 degrees on vertical and horizontal axis

    • 20 gauge steel housing

    • 2 year limited warranty

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