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Level 2 home charging gets you to a full battery 3 to 10 times faster than a Level 1 charger. Our smart home charger features a free iOS/Android app that allows you to control charge sessions from your phone.


You can schedule charges, get notifications if your charging session was interrupted, and even set demand response or time-of-use management parameters that can save you a lot of money!




Watti Direct DC fast chargers provide significant performance and time-saving advantages. Offering a wide output voltage range to support luxury EVs, trucks, and buses, DCFC can charge most BEVs to 80 percent in just 20 minutes to 1 hour. 


All Watti Direct Series chargers are Energy Star certified, support optional payment systems, smart charging, and Dynamic load management for even power distribution across multiple chargers.



Our free home app, powered by Emporia Energy, allows you to initiate, stop or schedule your home charger, and gives you cool insights into your energy consumption, CO2 saved and other sustainability metrics, helping to show the positive impact you're having on our planet by driving electric.




Adjustable 48A or 80A Level 2 chargers ideal for destination charging at businesses, work or multi-unit residential buildings. Our Enterprise Software allows you to view real-time station analytics, get monthly reporting, and manage charging fees and permissions for multiple user groups.

Ensuring your customers, employees or residents have ample charging stations available is key to setting yourself apart and future-proofing your property as demand for EVs continues to rise.



Our Enterprise Software is a powerful energy management platform that seamlessly connects electric vehicles, the grid, internet, and chargers. It offers hardware agnostic, user-friendly interface, and customizable features.

  • Cloud-based control over user access and pricing, access energy usage statistics, and enable dynamic load management.

  • Over-the-air updates keep your charging stations up to date with the latest features.

  • Dynamic load management eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrades while ensuring optimal performance.



The Electric Avenue app is the simplest way to find and use an EV charging station near you. With the Electric Avenue app, you can locate charging stations, manage your favourite charging stations, reserve charging, manage your charging sessions and pay with your pre-saved credit card, RFID tag, by scanning the QR code, or with a pre-paid balance on your account.

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