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Eaton's B-Line series strut systems, also known as bolted framing, provides an economical solution for virtually any commercial, industrial, petrochem, mining, infrastructure or data center support application.


At Eaton, we offer solutions to meet our customer requirements. From standard stock product to modified and custom enclosures, our Enclosure Experts are available to help you choose the enclosures you want – when you need them.


Whether you run your own pre-fab shop or simply want maximum project control, Basic Ruff-IN can provide a profitable solution that perfectly suits your operation. Keep control of your project, keep your crew working and garner the cost- and time-saving benefits of pre-fab with Basic Ruff-IN assemblies. 


B-Line is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of metal products used in the support of Pipe Hangers and Support Equipment for industrial, commercial, utility and HVACR applications.   B-Line Pipe Hangers and Supports includes a wide variety of support products such as beam clamps, pipe hangers, pipe clamps, pipe rollers, pipe supports, concrete inserts and brackets. 


As the industry leader in cable tray, Eaton offers one of the widest ranges of B-Line series cable tray available in the market today.  With unmatched quality and service, we offer a variety of styles, materials and finishes available to support virtually any commercial and industrial cable support application requirement.


B-Line Spring Steel Fasteners include a broad range of products designed for attachment to metal studs, steel beams, acoustical tees, purlins, channel and more.  Our line consists of many labor-saving solutions to provide the customer with lower total cost of installation.



Since 1965, Eaton’s TOLCO seismic bracing has led the industry with patented labor-saving seismic bracing projects for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection trades.  With our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer one of the most complete seismic bracing product and service solutions in the market today.



Our products include bolted framing, strut systems and fittings, cable tray, cable management, comm/data equipment, cabinets, enclosures and metering devices, as well as pipe hangers and mechanical supports.



Eaton aims to be a leading provider of information and resources to our customers.

That's why we're rolling out our CoSPEC online 3D Drawing Catalog, which offers the ability to select and view Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series products in 2D and 3D.  Then, with a couple of clicks, you can download design content in one of nearly 100 different CAD, BIM, PDMS, PDF, and graphics formats.  File format outputs are native to the chosen software, which eliminates translation errors and speeds the integration of the content into your project.


With CoSPEC, you can:

  • Configure products to exact base catalog number/SKU.

  • View your chosen product in 2D or 3D.

  • Download 2D drawings or 3D models for integration into your design packages.